Community Volunteering

We're addressing the demand for volunteers on a local level.

Many communities across the county already volunteer, and we support this through our brokerage service. We know organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on volunteers, and we have identified that there would be a benefit to addressing this increase in demand on a more local level.

With the support of Frome Town Council, through our Volunteer Frome project, we are helping to unlock this potential in Frome.

Volunteer Frome benefits local people and organisations by improving access to volunteering in the town.

We manage Volunteer Frome, a database designed to help prospective volunteers to find interesting and rewarding placements, and support organisations to provide good quality volunteering experiences, all within Frome.

Helen Fielden, Volunteer Frome Coordinator, is working to promote the wide range of volunteering opportunities in Frome, and encourage local people to get involved! She will also have a specific focus on engaging local young people in volunteering and social action.

To find out more about Volunteer Frome, or to get in touch with Helen, email or call 07535 800944.