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Balls for Boredom!
11th May 2020

Knitting Together Communities!

Kate Barrington, Volunteering and Communications Manager at Age Uk Somerset, shares a heartwarming story of balls for boredom.

"It was just a little idea. We had some 100 balls of wool previously donated to us that I thought would be nice to send out for free to knitters over 60 in Somerset and North Somerset who were maybe down to their last strands. We know from our involvement with The Big Knit fundraising campaign that we have a lot of people in the area we cover who enjoy knitting and wanted to help them to continue, to make the lockdown period a little more bearable.

I put my Mum (who is 77 and shielding) in charge of packing - not modern slavery - she said would be delighted to have something to do! Girlings Retirement Rentals sponsored our postage costs.

We put details of the scheme on our website and mentioned it on social media and suddenly it took off in a big way! Our stock of 100 balls were snapped up within 48 hours!

We put out a plea for wool. Then a wonderful thing happened.

First the Frome Yarn Collective got in touch to say they'd like to help, and then we had a flood of offers of help and now each day I'm receiving bundles of balls of wool at home, sent from wonderful kind individuals across the county and beyond.

We're probably close to our original levels. So Balls for Boredom will be able to continue and by knitting together we can provide more hours of wool based pleasure during this difficult time.

This is not the only thing we are doing, and it isn't the most important, but it does have value and is lovely to bring a little peace and enjoyment into local older people's lives and very touching that so many people in the community have got in touch to offer wool and send it at their own expense. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of what people are knitting with their Balls for Boredom. There is a lot of knitting for charity items going on at the moment so it's a win win situation!"

To get knitting for Balls for Boredom, visit

Donations of wool are still coming in thick and fast! If you would like to help out with the cost of posting it, you can do so here.

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