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Help shape the new Somerset Physical Activity and Sport Strategy
13th Aug 2021

Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) are asking for help to develop a new Physical Activity and Sports Strategy for Somerset.

We can all play a role in making it easier and more appealing for people to be active. By doing this we can improve lives and enable people across Somerset to enjoy the physical and mental health benefits that activity, exercise and sport brings. The last 18 months has been a critical year for health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on individual’s health. Many people are now working in more agile and flexible ways, a shift that is likely to be permanent with less commuting. Restrictions have significantly impacted the network of individuals and organisations across Somerset providing physical activity and sport opportunities.

Jane Knowles, Chief Executive Officer at SASP comments, “As we have grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of physical activity and sport has taken on new significance. Never has there been a time when healthy lifestyles have been so important. We really want all views on how we can support and empower people in Somerset of all ages to get active in ways that work for them”.

At the same time there is a need for us to respond to new emerging national and local contexts to ensure that together, we keep creating the conditions for activity levels to grow and particularly to address the barriers that prevent people from living active lives. The new strategy will provide the opportunity to respond to these changes, particularly those occurring in health and social care, in local government, and the new 10-year vision for sport and physical activity set out recently by Sport England.

This is an opportunity to refresh, refocus, re-energise and adapt our collective approach in the context of the pandemic, the key national and local changes, inequalities and for the long-term future. It is also a chance to confront the realities of where we have gaps, challenges and barriers to change. SASP recognises the development process is as important as the final strategy. It is a chance to co-design and do the work, together. Building understanding, trust and advocacy for the things that matter to us all

To get this moving, SASP initially want to understand more about what matters to you most about the new strategy and why, through asking you to participate in their online conversation platform. They would like to hear your thoughts and ideas to help create a strategy that enables everyone across Somerset to become more active.

Share Your Views – Join SASP’s Big Conversation

You can access the online conversation platform by clicking on the below target audiences that represent you.

General Public

Partner Organisations

Sports Clubs

In addition, SASP will be running virtual focus groups to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions. Please save the dates - booking details will be sent out ASAP.

Addressing Health Inequalities Workshop, Wednesday 8 September, 9:30am-11.30am

Community Sport and Leisure Providers Workshop, Monday 13 September, 6:30pm-8pm

Children and Young People Workshop, Wednesday 15 September,3:30pm-5pm

SASP would like to as many people as possible to participate so that the new strategy supports a broad range priorities in a way that is relevant to our residents and communities across Somerset, in all their diversity.

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