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New Community Cookbook
28th Jan 2021

The national lockdowns have encouraged many of us to try new hobbies and activities, and for lots of people this included cooking and baking.

In order to celebrate those new-found culinary skills, we’ve produced a Community Cookbook. We asked Abri residents to send us their favourite recipes, and staff and volunteers from local charities have contributed too.

We designed the book with everyone in mind, it contains a range of delicious, nutritious recipes, with a few sweet treats thrown in for good measure! All the ingredients are affordable and can be swapped or adapted to suit different dietary requirements.

We that hope you enjoy using the cookbook - that the recipes bring you comfort, inspire your future cooking, and help you feel connected with those who kindly shared them.

You can download the cookbook here.

Thank you to everybody who contributed!

In partnership with Abri (as part of the Take Part project), Zing and YMCA Brunel Group.