Food resilience

We are part of a network of organisations whose aim is to help people and communities in Somerset to access healthy, affordable and sustainable food.

Food insecurity affects many people in Somerset and can have serious implications for their health and wellbeing. To address this issue, Somerset Council commissioned a food resilience project involving over 30 voluntary, statutory and industry-based organisations. We formed three task and finish groups which focused on Supply and Distribution, Cooking Skills and Equipment, and Pathways to Food Resilience.

These groups have discussed the challenges of food insecurity, its impact on individuals and local communities, and how we can work together to create solutions. The emphasis has very much been on mindset change, aiming to address the underlying causes of food insecurity to achieve sustainable outcomes.

We want to hear from you!

The Network is now gathering information about other community food and growing projects in Somerset. If your group or organisation is working in this area, we invite you to complete this online form. Your repsonses will provide us with an up-to-date picture of what is happening locally to tackle food insecurity, and help us identify where there may be gaps in provision and what support is needed.

Food projects map

This map includes organisations and projects which aim to support food resilience in Somerset, including food banks, community pantries, and growing and gardening initiatives. If you have a food project you would like us to include, please get in touch.


Food Resilience Charter

Show your commitment to enabling people to access people to access good, healthy food by signing up Somerset Food Resilience Charter. The charter is designed to encourage groups to support people along the food pathway, moving them away from dependency on emergency provision and helping them to access wraparound support. Email sharon.hale@sparksomerset for your copy.




















Awareness Days Calendar

We have developed a calendar of national and international events and awareness days that could be used to raise your profile and create joined up campaigns around community food and wellbeing. Download it here. You can also find a calendar of local food and growing events on the Somerset Community Food website.


How the Network supports local groups

In this video, Heather Whittle from the Bridgwater Food and Support Alliance explains how her group benefits from being a member of the Somerset Food Resilience Network, and shares their aspirations for the future


I've enjoyed meeting other groups who are doing what we're doing, which is cooking surplus food and delivering it to those who need it most. I've been very inspired by the people we've met and the ideas they've shared. Kate Benson, Wivey Food Project