Somerset Carers Service

We're proud to support the Somerset Carers Service, a free service that provides much needed support to local carers.

We do this through the provision monthly online support groups for unpaid carers and by recruiting volunteers to help out at local Carers Groups.

Free online meet ups for unpaid carers

At our online support groups, we get together for a conversation about how things are going. It’s a friendly, informal space - there’s no agenda, but plenty of time for carers to talk about the things that matter and share information and experiences. Members of the Spark Somerset and Somerset Carers Service teams are always on hand for a chat and to answer any questions too.

You can find out more about the groups and register to attend here.

Volunteer at your local carers support group

Somerset Carers Service support groups give carers an opportunity to take a much-needed break from caring, meet other carers, and get practical advice and support.

Becoming a Carers Group Volunteer is a great opportunity to spend time with some fantastic people who spend much of their time caring for others. Whilst caring can be very rewarding, it can also be overwhelming at times, and by giving just a couple of hours of your time each month, you could help provide the vital support that carers need.

The groups are lead by fully-trained CCS Carers Agents, but they need a little help to ensure the sessions run smoothly. You could help with a variety of tasks, from meeting and greeting and serving refreshments, to chatting with attendees and supporting the group leader.

Face-to-face groups are currently on hold, but we are still recruiting so that we're ready for when they are able to resume. You can find out more and sign up here.